I am based in Cambridge, but I tavel all over the UK for my commercial clients. In recent years I’ve photographed clients in US, Canada and several locations in Europe.

There aren’t a lot of photographers who can say that they truly love corporate work, but I’m one of them. I think it’s because I’ve taken a different approach than many. The face of a business should be as individual and unique as the people that run it. I bring my creative, modern approach into all areas of my work.

With a mobile studio I am able to arrive and shot anything from simple portriats in your office to full blown productions with multiple lighting set-ups. My services are geared to showcase your business in the best way possible

I have a support team of assistants, hair stylist and make up artists to take your shoot to the next level make you stand out from your competitors.

Jon Mold - Best Commercial Photographer

Jon's background

I have a background in Mechanical Engineering. This strengthened the part of my brain that loves analyses. Photography is all in the details, sometimes the smallest adjustments make the biggest impact. It’s the same in business, it’s the attention to detail and final product that make you stand out and show the value of who you are.

I’ve travelled extensively both commercially and for myself. Meeting new people in different environments is something that inspires me. Gaining knowledge by immersing myself in different cities has giving me a new way of seeing things, respecting cultures and observing their ways.


I’ve always been drawn to thinking outside of the box. And while there are many different ways of approaching commercial photography, where I’ve landed gives me the ability to think on the outside, while making it unique and inviting for my clients. My goal is to produce creative, dynamic, edgy and beautiful images. Sometimes that’s all found in one shot, and sometimes it’s spread throughout a complete series, each one highlighting one or two aspects of your business through my vision.

I’m lucky that I have been able to shoot a huge variety of subjects in some incredible locations. As well as shooting for large multinations I’m also helping several local charities such as Alzheimers Research with their new ongoing campaigns to get more support for the amazing work they do.